Shawmut can build and paint almost whatever you desire.  Shipping is normally $25 unless going to the West Coast where it is $30


Shawmut likes to build camelback steam engines. The pricing is as follows:

Bachmann 2-6-0 industrial          $300

Bachmann 4-6-0                            $ 400

Aristocraft 0-4-0                            $ 280

Aristocraft C-16 2-8-0                   $ 500

Piko     2-6-0                                    $ 350

Piko    0-6-0 w/ sound                   $ 550

Piko  2-6-0 w/sound                       $ 550

Specialty locomotives  built. if the model is available  In the past we have made modifications to Aristocraft 4-6-2 and 2-8-2. From the 4-6-2, a streamline READING G3 was made. From the 2-8-2, it has been converted into the Chessie Special 4-8-4, Timken Four Aces #1111   4-8-4, and made into a New York Ontario & Western 4-8-2. Prices start from $750 per engine which includes the engine. Each project is different, so prices may be higher.

PAINT YOUR STEAM LOCOMOTIVE   $ 275 plus shipping

Re-letter your locomotive into a different road name $ 125

DIESEL LOCOMOTIVES     Shipping as above

four axle locomotives $ 540 + $25 SHIPPING

Aristocraft : RS3, U25B, GP40, CENTER CAB, FA1, FB1, DOODLEBUG, RDC, SW1

USA Trains: F3A, F3B, GP30, NW2, GP7, GP9, GP38-2, ALCO S-4, 44 TON CENTER CAB,


Aristocraft: DASH 9, SD45, EMD E8A,

USA Trains: SD70m, PA1, PB1, SD40-2

Small locomotives like Egg liners, Mighty Mo, Lil Critter are negotiable

MTH, PIKO,  and LGB when available are negotiable

Custom building a GP7/9 from a high nose to a low nose – ask for a quote

PAINT YOUR LOCOMOTIVE   $ 275 +  $25 SHIPPING. If possible I prefer locomotives with very little lettering and stripes such as PRR or UP as engines with stripes are often applied with a printable thin vinyl.

Re-Letter or renumber your locomotive: $ 125 plus $25 shipping


We are always looking for interesting projects. In the past Shawmut made MARC commuter line 4 GP40WH diesels for their offices, recently converted 2 Lil Critters into a slug unit. After the MARC units were built using SD45 long hoods with SD70m cabs mounted on GP40 trucks, Shawmut had 6 axles trucks left over with GP40 bodies. These were converted into SD35 ( C & O and SP), N & W SD39, and a MILW SDL39 by plugging various exhaust fans and adding the or deleting the appropriate fan. The units were also configured to the particular railroad in appearance. The catalog shows these examples.

Shawmut is currently painting for several modelers the NS heritage series locomotives. So far a PRR Dash 9, a Reading dash 9 ( customer prefers Aristocraft locomotives) and for a 1:32 MTH modeler, a PRR Dash 8, a NYC Dash 8, and a READING Dash 8

MOTORCARS, PCC  CARS, & TROLLEYS shipping as above

Over the years, Shawmut has converted Bachmann combines and Aristocraft Doodlebugs into gas-electric motor cars, some with shovel noses. If you are interested in such a project, ask for a quote

PCC cars painted   $ 450  Paint yours $275    re-letter $125 + shipping

Bachmann Trolley  $250

Hartlland  ask for quote