Custom Painted and Built Passenger Cars


Shawmut has painted or built many passenger cars from Sierra small cars to USA TRAINS streamline passenger cars. One of the most rewarding and interesting projects we have done recently was to paint and letter 14 passenger cars from Aristo, LGB, and USA Trains. These were done for a customer in Virginia. Each car was painted for the Pennsylvania Railroad “Fleet of Modernism “ in a two tone red paint scheme. Each car averaged at least 700 inches of 1/32 gold striping applied individually in 6 to 8 inch pieces.

Shipping $20 except USA Trains $25

  • Bachmann $130
  • Hartland – ask for quote
  • Aristo Sierra $ 230 per car per 3 car set
  • Heavyweight $ 350 per car or $ 2000 for 6 car set
  • Streamline $ 375 per car if available
  • Smoothside $ 375 per car if available
  • USA Trains Streamline cars $ 450 per car
  • Overton passenger car $150
  • Reletter a car,  same color $ 125
  • Repaint your passenger car YOUR passenger car $ 220 per car different colors
  • Adding a Harriman rounded roof to Aristo heavyweight cars $ 60 extra. It is a skin which we will apply. YOU MUST PROVIDE THE ROOF




  • MTH  ask for quote
Shade Gap & Neelyton
Shade Gap & Neelyton

Custom built East Broad Top Observation car (White Pass cars are similar) with Light Rail Products

Ducktail roof ends $ 350 plus shipping